14 Shocking Makeup Fails These Celebrities Wish You’d Never Seen

At some point in time, women make bad makeup choices. There’s always that one picture of us either as a teenager in middle school with the blue eyeshadow and the brown lipstick that we look at and cringe. Or the Insta we were tagged in where our foundation was clearly five shades darker than the rest of our skin, and we just look orange. Luckily for us, these makeup blunders are usually pretty low-key. A few people saw it, yes, but no one will probably ever remember it. But it’s all a different story if you’re a celebrity. Then your makeup fails are photographed a hundred times and are on every gossip site and celebrity blog out there. And you’re stuck looking at your mismatched foundation, or unblended eyeshadow for the next 40 years. We’ve come up with 14 most shocking makeup fails that we’re sure these celebrities wish you’d never seen!